Universities Call to Action

21/04 : 180 Signatures, Sign now





Universities Call to Action 

Erasmus, wake up !

For centuries, universities and their students have played a decisive role in sharing knowledge, culture and tolerance in Europe. Whether we belong to a generation that experienced the great cataclysms of the 20th century or that benefited from Europe’s Erasmus programme, as students, former students, academics and citizens of Europe, we cannot silently watch the collapse of a divided Europe. We refuse to stand by as hundreds of thousands of refugees suffer and die on our continent, on our shores, on our very doorstep. 

 We ask all the European Union leaders to put their differences aside, to rise above national electoral concerns and to agree, now, on a plan. The whole of the European Union must welcome the refugees who are presently drowning in the Mediterranean or waiting in countries that cannot face the crisis alone.  As individuals or in small groups, in our town, our campus, our company, our environment, we are willing and able to organize and welcome a refugee and their family. 

For the sake of their lives, for the sake of our future, Sign this Call, pass it on, become actively involved at a local level and talk to your elected officials.


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